About Us

At Vamos Publications, we envision a platform for composers and arrangers who are waiting to be discovered. Our mission is to publish exceptional music and insightful resources that other companies might overlook. 

With a no-risk termination clause and increased royalty rates, Vamos Publications grants independent composers/arrangers the opportunity to promote their works through a hybrid publication model. A joint partnership with Acumen Productions, as well as in-house copyists, ensures quality recordings and publications of every work.

Our History

Vamos Publications was founded by American cellist, composer, and instructor Grace Becker Vamos. Her lifelong commitment to music originated in Berkeley, California, where she frequently enjoyed chamber concerts hosted by her parents and learned to play on the family cello. In time, Grace’s studies led her to the Paris Conservatory, where she studied pedagogy under renowned French cellist André Hekking. After receiving a Damrosch scholarship, she continued her studies at the Fontainebleau School of Music and Fine Arts. Upon her return to California, Grace instructed aspiring cellists and composers at Mills College in Oakland, while furthering her education under Italian composer Domenico Brescia. She embarked for Hungary in 1937 to pursue composition under Zoltán Kodály, a Hungarian composer, ethnomusicologist, and pedagogue. Two years later, World War II began, compelling her homeward.

After residing in California and New York, Grace journeyed to Mexico City, where she joined a string quartet. During this time, the Bach Choral Society of Mexico City performed her arrangement of Praise Ye the Lord, while an original compositionDying Eaglewas presented at the Opera House. In due course, Grace returned to San Francisco, where her piano concerto was performed by pianist Florence Stage and the Oakland Symphony. This premiere marked a momentous event, as the first performance of a female-composed piano concerto in California.

In 1948, Grace married Ernest Vamos, a Hungarian immigrant to the United States. Ernest, a dentist by trade, shared Grace’s love for the celloalthough, according to nephew Cory Soltau, “He…loved the cello, but probably shouldn’t have been allowed to play. But what he lacked in ability he made up with enthusiasm.” Meanwhile, Grace continued her musical endeavors, establishing and adapting music for Trio Moderne with flutist Christine Howells Pfund and harpist Marie Hughes Marguarrie. Her prolific catalog includes works for piano, voice, violin, cello, harp, flute, and orchestra. In 1960, her Suite for Cello and Pianorecipient of the Sigma Alpha Iota Awardgarnered praise from acclaimed cellist Pablo Casals. Additional accolades include the Harp Association Award, received for a solo work, Legends of the Redwood. At the urging of her students, Grace founded Vamos Publications, printing manuscripts and etudes intended originally for instructional purposes.

Despite her talent for composition, Grace never deserted her love for teachingor her love for her students. In 1975, she established the Grace Becker Vamos Scholarship Fund to provide aspiring musicians with lessons, resources, and instruments. In 1981, she endowed the Grace Vamos Scholarship Trust and the Ernest Vamos Memorial Scholarship at Holy Names University; and, in 1990, she endowed the Grace Vamos National Cello Competition. She later endowed an annual string competition, hosted by the Contra Costa String Association, under the stipulation that one of her works would be performed annually. Following her husband’s death, Grace relocated to Danville, California, where she continued to organize recitals. The remainder of her time was spent teaching, encouraging, and empowering young cellistsall of whom were welcomed as familyuntil her passing in 1992. 

Cory H. Saltau, the sole heir and Power of Attorney for Grace Vamos and her estate, presented Ariel Witbeck with the rights and ownership of all copyrighted works associated with Grace Vamos and Vamos Publications. In 2022, the transfer and assignment of these works and Vamos Publications were granted to Abbie Lynne, a student of Keiko Ying. Since that time, Vamos Publications has been dedicated to preserving Grace’s legacy by offering her catalog to today’s generation of aspiring musicians. Vamos Publications is further extending her legacy by supporting the Grace Vamos National Cello Competition, now an annual online event.