The mechanical, performing, sync, and print licensing rights for works published by VAMOS PUBLICATIONS are held 100% by the publisher and its representatives. No performer, arranger, or recording agent is provided any rights to their work without expressed written consent of the publisher that note the extent of such permission. VAMOS PUBLICATIONS does not authorize or entrust the collection of licensing fees through a collective management society to manage their economic rights (e.g., ASCAP, BMI, CCLI, SESAC).

Most recordings are not covered by a CCLI license – please visit their site or consult your license for more details. The CCLI license is very specific about what uses are covered by their license, and they are not only media-specific, but location specific.

To obtain licensing of published works of VAMOS PUBLICATIONS, please contact us at (503) 383-1318 or by email at . Each time you submit a request for license, be sure to include the following information (required on all licensing agreements):

  • Your Name
  • Organization Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Your contact information (e.g., email, phone number)
  • The EXACT NAME of the work and copyright holder information
  • The 12-digit UPC barcode noted on the website for the work
  • Date of USE
  • Physical Location of USE (e.g., location of performance)
  • Purpose of USE (e.g., internet location of recording, manufacturer of CD, DVD, orstreamed materials, and other audiovisual materials utilized in the recording, if applicable
  • Number of Copies (for PRINT and MECHANICAL LICENSES only) that you intend to print, replicate, or duplicate
  • Total time of your project (of the material is part of an audio or video production)
  • Studio maintaining the master recording (they will need a license to record or provide youwith a video of a recording)

Providing complete information about your project and the copyrighted material you intend to use greatly speeds up the licensing process. If the information you submit is incomplete, the process of issuing licenses can take several weeks. Please note that copyright owners reserve the right to sometimes deny licensing requests for a variety of reasons. Be sure to start your licensing process well in advance of your deadline for manufacturing of your final project.

Important Exceptions

For most applications, artwork associated with our collections is available for use royalty-free when used to promote a performance of the musical or collection. To find out more about clip art, please reach out to us at (503) 383-1318 or by email at .