Looking for PERFORMERS…

JUST UPDATED! – the staff at VAMOS PUBLICATIONS are looking for young performers willing to record their rendition of any of the works published on the website. The GOAL is to provide customers with a quality recording performed by young artists across the U.S. This offer will include voice, flute, violin, piano, harp, AND cello works. A bio will be posted along with your recording to aid in your career aspirations.

If you are interested in submitting your recording, you may do so via our LICENSING staff at <>. A high quality recording will be required in both .wav and .mp3 formats. For those using ProTools or other DAW applications, please submit your DAW data, so that Stephen Fong of Acumen Productions (the producer of all our recordings) can fine-tune your recording for the best possible rendition of the work. As an added incentive, all proceeds from the sales of these performance renditions will be provided to the performer.

For more information, please contact our LICENSING staff at <>.