18th Century Classics


Arranged by Grace Vamos. For cello duos.

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This compilation includes arrangements of Intrada (Christoph Graupner), Aria (George Frideric Handel), and Rigaudon (Joen-Philippe Rameau). An excellent introduction to the art of ensemble performance, well within the Intermediate technique, and excellent for public performance.

  •  I.  Intrada (Graupner)
    • C-major. Ability to read tenor clef is required of both cellists. Solo parts that are essential to the overall expression of the work are shared throughout. Well within the technical skills of the early intermediate student.
  • II. Aria (Handel)
    • D-minor, with flats and sharps utilized (when needed) to aid the younger cellist. Solo parts alternate. A sweet expression of the work. Ability to read tenor clef is required of both cellists.
  • III. Rigaudon (Rameau)
    • G-major. The most rhythmically and tonally challenging expression of the compilation. Dramatic articulations that include tenuto, staccato, accented, trilled, and legato bowing techniques. Frequent dynamic changes to support articulations.

ASTA Level: 3-4

– Ariel Witbeck

ASTA Cello Difficulty Rating

ASTA Cello Difficulty Rating 3, ASTA Cello Difficulty Rating 4

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