Baroque Trios


Arranged by Grace Vamos. For cello trio.

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Baroque Trios for Three Cellos
Students will find these three-part arrangements of Largo (Antonio Vivaldi) and Serenade (Giuseppe Sammartini) a delight to play. Well within the reach of the intermediate cello student.

  • I. Largo An a-minor Largo. Technical difficulties include accents, mordents, and prolonged dynamic development. Tenor clef reading proficiency is required of the 1st and 2nd cellist. Single direction rhythmic bowing occurs in theme and dynamic development sections. Perfect for increasing skills toward performance. ASTA Level: 5/5/4
  • II. Serenade Allegretto in G-major. This arrangement is filled with technical challenges one might find in intermediate works, including advanced staccato, repetitive upbows, and the use of an array of positions on the fingerboard. Floating solo parts. ABA. Andante is worth the effort of the Allegretto. An audience pleaser. ASTA Level: 5/5/5
ASTA Cello Difficulty Rating

ASTA Cello Difficulty Rating 4, ASTA Cello Difficulty Rating 5


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