Composed by Grace Vamos. For cello.

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Suite for solo piano in three movements (Pony, Tumblers, Parade).

  • I. Pony Allegro giocoso in C-Major with beautiful melodic structure over arpeggiated phrasing. Musicality is the key for this work, as is clear expressions of the changing articulation that bring forth a lively setting. A brief glissando sets up the ending.
  • II. Tumblers Allegro moderato of a 20 th century tonal expression that presents f-minor. Piu Lento features a beautiful melody that is abruptly interrupted by the Tempo I. Technically challenging rhythmic and articulated passages. For the Intermediate/Early Advanced student.
  • III. Parade This little Tempo di marcia in 12/8 expresses the gallop that accompanies a parade passing along Main Street. Passages are rich with symbolism and inviting, encouraging energy throughout. The Lento ending prompts the sad reminder of the end of a day filled with laughter, cotton candy, and joy. A crowd pleaser.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate/Early Advanced

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