Cello Concerto in D Minor


Composed by Grace Vamos. For orchestra.

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Cello Concerto in D Minor
Written for Cory Soltau. This piece was written to accommodate the intermediate-level cellist, while introducing advanced technical elements. An excellent addition to the literature of young performers.

  • I. Maestoso Most oft performed in competition and/or recitals. Employs a sweeping bow stroke, numerous fingering positions, double stops, and rapid runs. It was written to teach a broad, heavy arm stroke in various positions. Cadenza has challenges relative of more advanced concertos (e.g., double-stops, fast runs, agile bowing). Sonata/Allegro form.
  • II. Lento Espressivo Written in e-minor with hints of modulation throughout. 9/8. Sweeping cantando with thumb pizzicato alongside vibrato. Technical aspects include double and triple stops. Ad lib section develops beautiful melodic/harmonic bowing that accentuates the accompanist. Best performed with a harp accompaniment.
  • III. Allegro Written in d-minor that modulates to a-minor in 6/8 time to replicate a rhythmic canter. Technical aspects include double and triple stops, brisk articulation changes, and pizzicato. Gracioso invites playfulness. Cellists can expand on the cadenza when performing this movement as a standalone piece.

ASTA Level: 5/6/7

– Ariel Witbeck, Christian Ontos

ASTA Cello Difficulty Rating

ASTA Cello Difficulty Rating 5, ASTA Cello Difficulty Rating 6


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