Cello Concerto in E Minor


Composed by Grace Vamos. For orchestra.

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Cello Concerto in E Minor
Written for Rae Elisabeth Scott. A wonderfully endearing concerto with piano accompaniment for the intermediate student. Regularly utilized as a competition work and standalone recital piece.

  • I. Moderato Showcases the sonorous qualities of the cello through a lyrical style. E-minor. Beautiful cadenza that can be expanded upon when performing this movement as a standalone piece. Technical aspects include thumb position harmonic, agitato, allargando, and cantabile tempos, and consistent use of a well-connected legato. Treble-clef reading is introduced toward the end of movement. ASTA Level: 5-6
  • II. Andante Espressivo Very lyric, pensive, and performed in a reflective manner that move through G- and E-major with some animation. Proficiency in thumb position work a must. Just the perfect release for this level of literature, certain to please audiences. ASTA Level: 4
  • III. Allegro con Spirito Utilizes a whole-tone scale beginning in e-minor. A Lento cadenza with rapid episodes offers content worthy of early advanced performers. Worth the effort. ASTA Level: 5-6

– Ariel Witbeck, Christian Ontos

ASTA Cello Difficulty Rating

ASTA Cello Difficulty Rating 5, ASTA Cello Difficulty Rating 6


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