Five Pieces in First Position


All pieces composed by Grace Vamos. For piano and cello.

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Five Pieces in First Position
Designed as an alternative/supplement to the renowned Suzuki method.

  • I. Elephant Dance: Open-string double stops—in combination with broad, weighted bow strokes—create a piece suitable for beginning cellists. Rhythmic differentiation between quarter notes and eighth notes is recurrently established. ASTA Level: 1
  • II. Misty Night: Utilizes a soft, light bow stroke to produce an ethereal tone. ASTA Level: 2-3
  • III. The Baritone Bumble Bee: Students learn to adjust volume through technical adaptation. Intermediate technical elements include trills, tremolo, and pizzicato.  ASTA Level: 2-3
  • IV. Merry Little Waltz: Both whimsical and rhythmic in its waltz pulse, this piece encourages young cellists to project a triple-time rhythm through selective emphasis and body language. ASTA Level: 2
  • V. Follow the Leader: Employment of the C melodic minor scale renders this piece an age-appropriate introduction to minor keys. ASTA Level: 2-3

– Ariel Witbeck

Score / Instruments

Cello, Piano, Score

ASTA Cello Difficulty Rating

ASTA Cello Difficulty Rating 1, ASTA Cello Difficulty Rating 2, ASTA Cello Difficulty Rating 3


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