Fountainebleau Suite


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Fontainebleau Suite is a set of three pieces written for solo harp by Grace Becker Vamos.

I. Palace Lake has a sense of elegance throughout and presents the main theme with a melody in thirds accompanied by an arpeggiated figure in the left hand. The climactic section of the piece utilizes a dramatic passage of simultaneous arpeggios in both hands, rolled chords, and sweeping glissandos. Performers might consider using enharmonic equivalents in these simultaneous arpeggios for a more idiomatic playing solution.

II. Summer Night is a lush piece with a soulful melody and jazz inflected harmonies. Given the complexity of these harmonies, there are quite a few pedal changes throughout the piece, which can be challenging. Written in a classic A B A form, the B section ends with a cadenza-like passage of
arpeggios and chords.

III. Forest is a quick and light piece, with a simple melody embellished by an accompaniment of constant sixteenth notes. Reminiscent of Marcel Tournier’s compositions for the harp, it can be a challenge to bring out the melody while maintaining forward momentum throughout the work.

A recording of the work being performed by Award Winning Artist Jacqueline Pollauf can be found here:

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