Rights and Privileges


Thank you for your purchase of products published by VAMOS PUBLICATIONS. It is important that you understand the rights and privileges of USE that come with your purchase, as these are standard in the industry. In the U. S., copyright is often transferred from the Author to the publisher via a contractual agreement called copyright that is registered with the U. S. Copyright Office. At the time of such agreement, all rights to the intellectual property that is a musical score or work belong solely to the publisher. You can find the owner information within the copyright notice, which appears at the bottom of the first page of the published work (or, at the bottom of each page of music for multiple works in a medley).

VAMOS PUBLICATIONS enters into an ownership agreement with the Author of every work offered on its website and catalogs. Recognition of ownership and the respect for the integrity of every work is the responsibility of all individuals that use said works for exploitation (e.g., public performance, video, or recordings), arrangements (e.g., changes to the intellectual contents of the work to satisfy the performer), and reprints (e.g., copying of intellectual contents). The PURCHASE of a published work does not negate these rights, nor defer them to an individual at the time of purchase. PURCHASE simply affords the purchaser the rights and privileges to perform the work in settings that are not performance- or recording-based (e.g., for practice and study) settings. An integrity limitation of the U.S. Copyright Law remains on any action of the purchaser to arrange or reprint the intellectual contents of any published work.

If you (as the purchaser) desire to copy any portion of the published work you have purchased – even if it is for the expressed purpose to care for the original, published materials – you are required by law to obtain a PRINT LICENSE from the publisher. The PURCHASE of the specified published work(s) does not provide any right or privilege to copy or replicate the work at will without written permission of the publisher.

In terms of permission for the live-stream, recording, or streaming post of any music associated with VAMOS PUBLICATIONS, the U.S. Copyright Law requires permission for “synchronization” (i.e., the broadcast of copyrighted music with/without video). In these settings, the author and publisher maintain the exclusive right to authorize the exploitation of their works through public performance or reproduction, and to be compensated for the use of their work. Thus, the performance of any copyrighted work – and, the creation of a performance recording of published musical material owned by VAMOS PUBLICATIONS including, but not limited to, recording an individual or ensemble, making copies of an existing recording, or making recordings of a dramatic presentation – requires a LICENSE (i.e., permission before recording or broadcasting in any form) from the publisher prior to any action associated with their exclusive rights. Streaming and downloading of private or public performance(s) REQUIRE licensing of both MECHANICAL RIGHTS (e.g., the right to record, manufacture, and distribute another copyright holder’s musical work or sheet music) and PERFORMING RIGHTS (e.g., right to perform music in public, including: concerts, restaurants, nightclubs, et al). If the copyrighted music is associated with any form of audiovisual materials, a SYNC LICENSE will also be required. Please know that obtaining a license won’t happen overnight; the process often entails 4-6 weeks before receipt of your licensing, in some cases.

A MASTER USE LICENSE is a required statement of permission to use an existing recording such as an accompaniment track in an audio (e.g., performance; recording) or video (e.g., DVD; streaming) project. You must obtain a license for each track in your project from the copyright holder of the recording. For the majority of the music featured on this site, Acumen Productions is the owner of the recording, though VAMOS PUBLICATIONS is the holder of copyright. If you are replicating a compact disc, DVD or videotape, the manufacturer will probably require proof of licenses before they create your disc.